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“My 5yr old has suffered skin allergies her whole life. We finally got it sorted by making her diet dairy free, she loved milk so much tried her on almond and coconut and soy milks but no go, she didn’t like the taste so I tried her on Henderson Dairy Farm Fresh Milk!!! Have not looked back she loves it, it doesn’t flair her skin up at all. Would fully recommend this milk, its fresh and yummy and gets delivered right to you - awesome people awesome milk.”

Kellie Marwick, Gore

“The best thing I have done was to contact you from your Facebook advert. Henderson Dairy milk is awesome. I am Lactose intolerant, therefore milk was out of my diet, unless I bought the very expensive ones available at the supermarket.  I can now enjoy all my favorite milk based drinks and meals with no affect at all.  Thank you Henderson Dairies.”

Rhonda Wilson, Gore

“Childhood memories of silver topped glass bottles and the milk rich and creamy – delicious!”        

Michael & Debbie, NcNab

“Thanks for your milk delivery today, this is to let you know how much we love having "real" milk to drink. Due to my health I am unable to drink tea or coffee so drink milo and it is so much more creamy and smooth. It brings back memories of our youth when you would come home from school, have a glass of milk and a cookie before going outside to play, oh the memories in every glass!”
Joan Black, Gore


“My family and I have been getting our milk and eggs from the Henderson Farm for a wee while now and we absolutely love it.  I love knowing the milk I am giving my children has nothing put in or taken out, it’s all natural, and the taste is amazing!  We no longer buy eggs or milk from a shop.  If that isn’t enough, the lovely Beth delivers twice a week and has done a really good job on designing the bottles that the milk comes in.  We love supporting our local farmers. All natural goodness.”
Jemma Taylor, Gore

“I can honestly say that the milk from Henderson's farm has always been top quality, with plenty of that real good stuff the cream. It is not only delicious but healthier for you than that supermarket chemical soup, which is far from milk nowadays, that it shouldn't be sold as milk but a milk substitute, it lacks taste and goodness. With Henderson's farm milk you get it all taste and goodness, what more can you ask for!” 

William Calvo, Gore

“I have been getting fresh milk & eggs from you since you started selling at the gate & I’ve got to tell you there is nothing like getting fresh milk & the difference it makes to my health. The milk being full cream tastes superb whether for breakfast or as a thirst quencher. I would highly recommend your product to everyone that cares about chemical free natural products, which sad to say is not available everywhere.”

Steve Stewart, Mataura 


“We started getting milk from Henderson Dairy early 2016. We love the taste and the kids love the real cream milk. It’s great getting it delivered to the house and knowing we have fresh milk 2 times a week. We have recommended it to lots of our friends and family and will not be changing any time soon. Thanks Beth for your lovely service.”

Paula Hayward and Michael Pritchard, Gore


“Not since I was a little kid have I had unprocessed milk. Nice to have the choice again.  Memory of taste is still the same. Thanks Beth – Good Price - Great Service – Nice Milk.

Guy Henderson (not related), Gore

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