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Under the Raw Milk for Sale to Consumers Regulated Control Scheme, 1 March 2016 all raw milk suppliers must be registered with MPI by 1 November 2016 and Henderson Dairy was the first registered raw milk farm dairy operator in Southland. 


The regulations also state that farmers can only sell raw milk directly from the farm or by delivering to the customer’s residence.  Customers also need to supply contact details so they can be reached if a batch of milk fails bacteria testing


The new regulations put more food safety rules around the production, sale and labelling of raw milk for sale to consumers. As at 31 October, there were 12 registered producers — eight in the North Island and four in the South Island. No depot operators that can legally hold raw milk prior to delivery have been registered. has discussed these regulations here


The full set of regulations can be found here on the Governments Food Safety website

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