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Fresh to you from the first Raw Milk

registered Southland farm 

Proud to back our product

with the family name on your bottles

Raw milk is real milk – nothing has been added and nothing has been removed. Bottled in glass for that true milk flavour. A healthy and sustainable alternative to plastic containers and manufactured milk.

We supply Pasteurised milk as an alternative! So you can now get your full cream milk this way if that is your preference...just call at any of the local shops selling our milk...

And both Raw and Pasteurised bottles are available from our on-farm fridge at 926 Waipahi Highway

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Henderson Dairy Farm Fresh Milk is from a Southland farm 10 minutes out of Gore. Geoff & Beth milk and operate this self-contained 280 cow dairy farm. They have been dairy farming for 27 years, with the last few years on the current farm. As quiet cow temperament has always been top priority in the breeding protocol the herd is an easy to milk herd with relaxed contented cows. With the position of the farm, on SH1 not far from Gore and people wanting raw milk Geoff & Beth decided to meet the demand.  Since starting to supply raw milk in reusable glass bottles customers are enjoying the real milk.

Due to the demand, Henderson Dairy can deliver your milk direct to your residence across more areas of Southland on weekdays, and is also available in many local shops across Southland and South/West Otago. This is with a refrigerated van, which guarantees your milk arrives cool and fresh for you to enjoy. To make it easier to buy your milk we have introduced a token payment system, where 1 token equals 1 bottle of milk. Tokens can be pre-bought in any number, thus saving you having to find the right amount of money on delivery day.

The reusable glass bottles mean less waste products to the environment. To supply the raw milk market a separate herd of cows has been selected from the main herd. 


The cows Geoff & Beth use for raw milk collection are young cross bred animals selected from the herd. They are A2 selected cows from a C10 TB free herd with a low somatic cell count (SCC). (Info on A2 milk available here)

As at 1 November 2016, when all raw milk suppliers had to be registered with MPI Henderson Dairy was the only Southland farm to be registered.

Milk samples are regularly sent to a laboratory for testing.


Geoff’s other interests include all types of vintage machinery including steam. Beth has always had an interest in horses. To combine both their interests they also have a Clydesdale mare that does wagon work & doesn’t mind working near traction engines. Beth also has some hens & a few raw milk customers get fresh free-range eggs as well.

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Our Work

We strive to do our best here at Henderson Dairy. Our beautiful clean green Southland farm provides a great environment for our cross-bred cows to thrive and produce not only just raw milk but high quality tested fresh raw milk. Not only were we the first of Southlands registered Raw Milk suppliers but we treat our cows with respect. They are fed lots of high quality lush grass along with farm grown high feed value silage and baleage. We don't use palm kernel or other imported feeds.  

We are continually striving to improve our farming system for both the cows and the environment, which in turn provides a better dairy product for the consumer. Henderson Dairy is one of the few Southland A2 raw milk suppliers that sells milk in reusable glass bottles.

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